The Carboxylates

CAP Chemicals has developed and supplied Carboxylates; the most common applications of Carboxylates are listed below:

  • Additives for rubbers, tires
  • Adhesion control agent
  • Adhesives
  • Polymerization catalyst
  • Siccative
  • Detergents
  • Fuel additives / Oil: protection against corrosion, Engine’s oxidation

Worried about the ecology and environment protection, CAP Chemicals is focused on the development of new “green” products allowing meeting customer requirements, particularly in the field of ecological paints without solvent.

  • Solvent-free paints and varnishes
Cobalt octoate DATA SHEET
CAS# 83711-44-8


Magnesium neodecanoate DATA SHEET
CAS# 57453-97-1


Calcium octoate DATA SHEET
CAS# 68478-54-6


Zirconium octoate DATA SHEET
CAS# 22464-99-9


Manganese octoate DATA SHEET



Zinc octoate DATA SHEET
CAS# 557-09-5