Our mission is simple.

To deliver top-notch products and services, at the highest level of competitiveness, while fostering long-term technical partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

CAP Chemical’s unique understanding of the manufacture of acetylacetonates makes us one of the top running acetylacetonate production operations in the world. We employ our expertise to yield quality products that meet the demanding specifications of the architectural plate glass and automotive fields.

CAP Chemicals shares our expertise with its customers to jointly develop innovative applications and methods which help them to customize their formulations and techniques.

We pride ourselves in supplying a quality product with equally as good customer service. Our service standard has continually been to offer one-to-one personal service to every customer. Our standard has never wavered.

Our business growth and personal development can be directly linked to our continuous investment in people, delivery of high quality products and our ability to seek new and innovative technology.